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The Pro holster will allow you to carry any small medium or large frame handguns. Most 380s, all Glocks ,J frame revolvers & UP TO A 5 INCH 1911 FRAME


 The Pro is also ambidextrous.


You could wear the Pro inside or outside your waistband USING THE SAME HOLSTER- JUST TURN IT AROUND - It's just that easy!


 It's the only holster, that would allow you to place a few drops of your favorite gun oil, to keep your handgun lubricated at all times. ( we have spray gun oil in stock )


The Pro holster has the advantage of having two mounting clips, instead of just one. This allows the gun owner to carry their weapon on non-belted waistbands, such as elastic waist bands. 2 ( two clips balance the holster on your waist instead of pulling on it. 

The Pro

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