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Thunderwear Holster's story

Thunderwear was patented in 1995. Since then over 2 million have been sold.

How many times have you said " their has a be a better way to conceal a handgun," and at the same time be very comfortable.

For the very first time of gun holster with no clothing restrictions. Imagine wearing bathing suits, sweatpants, your shirt tucked in, or even no shirt. No one will ever know that you're carrying a handgun.


Thunderwear is made from denim, elastic and Velcro. The back of a holster is lined with baby diaper material. The holster also has a moisture barrier to protect your handguns.


Thunderwear was designed by a wearer. It provides a stable platform for the most comfortable, concealed carry possible. We anchor the weight around the hipbones, (not on the soft tissue of your waist). This distributes the weight of your weapon (and extra magazine) evenly around the hips at the center of gravity.


The weapon is worn in the front, on the centerline. This way it will not interfere with normal or rigorous activity. When you sit down, the weapon fits down comfortably between your legs. "Sensitive" body parts are behind the bulk of the weapon. Worn on top of the underwear and shirt, but under the trousers. Be as active as you want. You'll never have to adjust your holster.



A standard thunderwear holster holding a Sig Saur 229, which is a midsize handgun.


The #1 Choice of Law Enforcement, Undercover Agents, Military and anyone who requires a total Concealed Carry Gun Holster!As featured on CNN, Ripley's Believe it or not, The American Sportsman, American Handgunner, Guns, Women & Guns, and many more!

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