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Kydex holsters have been around for 25 years. They are great holsters, but they do have one general flaw. Sooner or later the holster will SCRATCH your firearm.

All kydex holsters will do that EXCEPT The HIGH TECH HOLSTER. Why? it's 100% leather lined with top grain leather. It's not just molded to the body of the holster, but we also found a way to stitch it to the holster. A patented time consuming & expensive process. Why stitch it to the holster? TO LAST!!! If we just glued it to the holster sooner or later it will come apart. So, for about the cost difference of a extra box of ammo, you can receive a High Tech holster! 

WE ALSO DON'T USE KYDEX - Kydex is good, BOLTARON is better. Why?  Boltaron is used on fighter jets - in space and other aircraft. The aerospace industry doesn't use Kydex, becuase Boltaron handles heat & cold 4 ( four ) times better. It will not change its shape or crack. IF YOUR GOING TO MANUFACTURE A HIGH QUALITY HOLSTER FOR CUSTOMERS USE THE BEST - Boltaron!!


3 ( THREE ) models are available  1. TUCKABLE - This allows the gun owner to wear the holster INSIDE the waist & tuck in your shirt


2. NON TUCKABLE - Inside the waist with your shirt out


3. OUTSIDE CARRY. Wear the holster anywhere outside carry


Every High Tech holster is custom made - so allow 10 - 14 days to get to you. 

C Tiffany created a phrase in the 19th Century that made his products the best and highly sort after even into the 21st Century


"The bitterness of poor quality and service lasts a lot longer than the initial sweetness of low price"

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