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The Byrna holster that holds the extra magazine that comes standard with most Byrna Launchers - 

The Byrna Loaded magazine by design must be protected or the Byrna Ammo " pops out" of the magazine. Now, you can carry that extra magazine 


1.Ambidextrious ( same holster fits both right & left handed ) 

2. Retention straps on both the launcher & Magazine ( can be removed ) 

3.Clip the holster on your belt or run your belt through the belt loops - your choice

4.Made in the U.S.A.

5. Fits the HD - SD - EP- LE - XL Byrna Launchers 

6. Fits all attached Lasers ( HD - SD - EP Byrna models only )

7. Genuine Ballistic Nylon ( Law Enforcement quality ) 

8. Carry up to 16 rounds at the ready ( with optional 7 round mags with one in the chamber ) 




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