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Standard Model

The standard thunderwear model was our very first holster. It is  designed for the handgun you specify.

It is a 2 pocket holster. Custom-made just for you.Your firearm on one side, and a magazine on the other.

Besides being the most concealed holster in the world, the best part of our product is the comfort! In fact, we get more praise concerning our comfort factor over the concealment one.


Quality construction, proudly made in the USA, the first of its kind. It is the benchmark for all others to copy.

Combination Model

The Combination Model was designed for the specific purpose of using one holster for different sized hangoun. This model is very popular with law enforcement. It is a3 ( three pocket holster, ambidextrous, full-size rear pocket.

3 ( three ) sizes

Small Combination - to carry small handguns -I.E. Colt Pony, Mustang, Kel-tec P11, Walther PPK, Beretta Tomcat, Kahr-9, Sig 232 and all handguns of like size.)

Medium Combination -to carry small & medium guns I.E All mini Glocks, Glock 23, 19, etc., Sig 239, 228, 229, All J frame Snub nose revolvers and like sized handguns.)

Large Combination -to carry small, medium large handguns. AKA FEDERAL MODEL I.E 

Small, medium and Large framed handguns. (i.e., Full sized 45's, Baretta 92's, Glock 17, 21, 22, Combat Commander, Browning Hi Power and all like sized handguns.)


 The Combination Holster has the benefits of the standard model, only more.


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