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How comfortable is this Holster?
Thunderwear's best feature is total all day Comfort, especially while you are seated. Many of our customers actually forget they are carrying.

Do I have to wear larger pants, etc?
No. Although, on some of the very very large grip firearms it's helpful to have some flair, like Docker type, pleats, sweats, jogging outfits, bathing suits etc. Jeans are OK too.

Do I have to open my pants to get to my firearm?
No! You take the thumb of your weak hand and pull away your belt, then with your strong hand reach in and draw your weapon. In fact with just a few minutes practice, Thunderwear will allow you the fastest draw possible of all Holsters.

Do I have to order a new Holster if I gain or lose weight?
No. We give you 4 inches to grow or lose. I.E. if your hips are 37 inches we will make a holster that will fit 33" to 41". No size is too small or too big!

I own more than two handguns, do I have to purchase a different Holster for each?
No. We manufacture special Holsters, called Combination Holsters, that can handle several different size Handguns, saving you money.

If I'm not satisfied can I return it?
We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back, for ANY reason. We are so confident that you will enjoy our product, our toll free number is always on every Holster, so you can recommend our product to others.

How safe is this type of carry? I'm concerned especially where it's located.
Thunderwear Holsters are the safest Concealed Holsters you can own. First, the weapon is on top of the sensitive area of your body pointed down in between your feet. It's impossible to get your finger on the trigger until you extract your weapon. The fact is you actually feel more secure because your weapon will act as a "CUP" to protect the sensitive area of your body if under physical attack!

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