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The Thunderwear concealed Holster was first patented in August of 1995. Manufactured in Florida,every holster is hand crafted one at a time. Since its creation, more than 190,000 plus satisfied customers are enjoying the freedom, comfort and the ability to carry your handgun totally concealed with Thunderwear.

Thunderwear is the only Holster that's made of double walled denim for abrasion resistance, with a moisture barrier to protect your weapon. Lightweight and machine washable. Again, all custom handcrafted one at a time In On 'USA'.

Originally designed for use in undercover operations in all branches of Law Enforcement, Thunderwear has grown to become one of the most popular of all Concealed Holsters for the general carrying public. Thunderwear customers are also very loyal to our product. Once a wearer uses Thunderwear, the thought of carrying any other way can become very foreign to our customers.



The reasons are simple:

  • The freedom to wear the clothing of your choice
  • 100% Completely Concealed
  • Quick access to your weapon
  • Total all day comfort, sitting (especially driving) or standing
  • Hold the weapon securely during rigorous activity
  • Total Safety

No-one will ever know you are carrying

How many times have you said, "There's got to be a better way to carry a gun concealed!" Tired of pulling your pants up all the time? Is the old ankle holster just a "little" awkward? Can't wear what you want when the weather crowds 3 digits or the room gets very warm? Can't remove your jacket, sweater or even your shirt? Always wanted to look neat with your shirt tucked in, but can't? Now you can, with Thunderwear.

Imagine the freedom of wearing shorts, jeans, sweats, jogging outfits, slacks, T-shirts, swimming trunks, or even take your shirt off! Now, for the very first time you can carry your weapon fully concealed. A Holster with no clothing restrictions that you can wear all year long in total comfort.


We are also master distributors of the Crimson Trace laser grips & Lasermax internal lasers. The highest quality handgun lasers you can install on your weapon, at the most affordable price available.

Why Lasers?

Repeatable pinpoint accuracy
Proven as a less-than-lethal alternative
lightning-fast target acquisition
Instinctive, instant laser control
Broadened field of vision

We answer our emails within hours. We have handgun experts on hand to answer all your questions. You may call our 800 number 7 days a week 9am. to 10pm. Eastern Time Zone.

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